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Ritual foods reconnects people to their own sacred relationship with body and earth through the sacrament of natural, local, and seasonal foods.


Ritual foods strives to guide others in cultivating earth-based wisdom with regard to eating by following the body’s natural intelligence as we nourish ourselves with seasonal, natural foods. By doing so, we empower our relationships to food by learning how to replace destructive eating habits that undermine the health of the planet and our bodies, with habits that enhance all life. We raise our awareness of the connection between our health and the health of the planet and begin to embody the understanding that what’s healthy for our body is healthy for the earth.

Ritual Foods

Philosophy and Owner

Erica Rhinehart, Owner & Food Master

“Ritual Foods aims to re-sacralize our relationship with body and earth through conscious nourishment.”
– Erica Rhinehart

Erica is a certified Natural Foods Chef, teacher, ceremonialist, and wilderness guide who is passionate about supporting your healing process, spiritual evolution, and deep participation with nature through the conscious and intentional nourishment of your wild and wise body. She practices the ancient feminine art of deep nourishment through natural cookery as a way to honor and evoke the inherent wisdom of body and earth.

Erica graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado in 2009 with a Natural Foods Chef certification. There she received the comprehensive background in holistic nutrition and culinary skills that enables her to create truly therapeutic nourishment for clients with a wide variety of nutritional needs.

She has worked in a wide variety of settings and with private clients, focusing on preparing local, organic, non-processed food as a means to promote health, prevent and alleviate disease, and facilitate spiritual connection. One such experience includes working at Joy’s Place on the island of Maui, where she worked in a nurturing environment that inspired her to pursue her chef certification and face her own personal health conditions using medicinal foods as a foundation for alternative healing modalities such as herbalism, Reiki, and Chinese Medicine. She has personally participated in the profound healing power that conscious nourishment and wholesome nutrition can bring about.

In addition to her background in nutrition and the culinary arts, Erica has extensive training and experience as a ceremonialist and nature-based soul guide, receiving the bulk of her training from internationally celebrated teacher, Bill Plotkin at Animas Valley Institute in Durango, Colorado. Throughout her time with Animas Valley, she was immersed in an initiation process that spanned a decade, giving her the experience necessary to facilitate soul-centered human development and guide others in the discovery of their most vital and meaningful contributions to the Earth community.

Erica’s unique combination of skills and experiences come together in her offering of ceremonial nourishment—food prepared with conscious awareness that functions to elevate health, vitality, and connection on all levels of your being.


B.A. English Literature, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2004

Natural Chef Certification, Nutrition Therapy Institute, 2009

Wilderness First Responder Certification, Backcountry Medical Guides, 2015

CPR Training, Backcountry Medical Guides, 2015

Colorado State Teaching Certification, Metropolitan State University, Denver, 2016

Nature-Based Underworld Guide Certification, Animas Valley Institute, 2017

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Catering Services

We specialize in catering high-vibrational, natural food to support groups in connecting to each other and deepening their personal and spiritual healing, growth, and evolution.

Ritual Foods provides a catering experience that is truly unique and can add tremendous beauty, depth, reverence, and connection to your event.

Ritual Foods has a particular focus of providing nourishment for small intimate affairs as well as retreats that facilitate experiences of healing, spiritual/personal growth, and nature connection.  This includes providing traditional, vegetalista-based dieta friendly food to ceremonial communities with the unique ability to guide participants in cultivating an awareness of old belief patterns and un-metabolized emotions that arise as the result of being on a high-vibrational, simplified, and holistic diet.

At Ritual Foods, we cater using only the highest quality organic, locally sourced, seasonal foods available on the market. We pesonalize every menu and can accommodate the unique dietary needs and restrictions of each individual. Every meal is prepared with conscious, prayerful intention and is infused with loving, healing vibration.

Chef Erica is gifted in providing experiences of ceremonial nourishment that serve to reconnect people to
the sacredness of food and awaken them to their own participation within the web of life. Her approach and consciousness around food naturally encourages a profound cosmic connection to self, community, and all life in those that partake in her sacred nourishment.

At Ritual Foods nourishment is a sacrament and a blessed gift from the body of earth.
Please contact Ritual Foods for pricing and availability.
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Personal Chef Services

Contact Erica by email at or call 303-748-2329

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Nutritional Mentoring

Do you need Nutritional Mentoring or Diet Planning?

Erica is a skilled teacher and guide who offers private mentoring to individuals who are interested in shifting their relationship to food in order to heal, raise their vibration, elevate their vitality, and connect more purposefully to the whole of life. She is skilled in helping others reclaim their body’s ancient wisdom and innate ability to heal, through facilitating a conscious and empowered relationship with food.

Erica supports individuals to deepen conventional and alternative healing modalities. If you are engaged in a healing process, Erica can help you uncover practical ways to shift your relationship to food and body in order to optimize the effects of your healing process. For instance, Erica can help you shift your lifestyle to accommodate new dietary needs and restrictions. She can help you implement and utilize cooking and eating practices that

She knows that your body is an exquisite, majestic creation and carries within it a deep wisdom that defies imagination. The wisdom that your body can teach you is infinite and immeasurably powerful. Erica will guide you into a relationship with your body that will allow you to harvest the ancient wisdom that lies within your cells and consciously reestablish your innate link within the family of all things.  The cellular wisdom you carry is unfathomably deep—informed by cellular memories passed on by your ancestors since the beginning of time and woven into the biology of the planet.

This goes beyond simply eating better, looking better and feeling better, or even caring for the environment, although these are the inevitable side effects of her work. The practices she teaches connect you to the innate intelligence of your own body, sourced from the magnificence and wisdom of the living Earth. She will sensitize you to the conversation taking place between your body and the living earth.

Erica also knows that there is no one miracle diet or one way to nourish yourself.  With the abundance of nutrition available to us at this time on the planet, there are endless combinations and possibilities for nourishing ourselves. Rather than following a diet, Erica helps you to get underneath superficial cravings and culturally imposed habits to access the messages of your body as the primary guide to your dietary and health needs. Your body will tell you everything you need to know about your nutritional needs.  She will show you how to follow the wisdom of your body along with the land and the cycles of the seasons to know just what you need.  Nutritional science, medical expertise and traditions are not ignored, just secondary to the authority of your own body.  They are affirmations of what your body and the ancient wisdom within have known all along. Erica’s work follows the principle that what’s good for your body is good for the earth.

Home gardening is a lovely way to reconnect with nature. To observe the plant growing from tiny seeds awakens you to the wonderful miracle of life. You don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of money or have lots of space to start. It’s fun to recycle tubes, sacks, buckets and old pots that you can find in second hand stores or garden sales. Vertical gardening can create amazing results in small environments. It’s very comforting to eat fresh foods you have produced by yourself, because you can be sure they’re clean and loaded with loving vibrations.

Why are detoxification and cleansing important for our health in the current times we live in?

Did you know that over 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released by industry alone into the nation’s environment each year, including 72 million pounds of recognized carcinogens ( That’s in this country alone. Over the course of a lifetime, we will be exposed to thousands of foreign compounds that can enter our bodies through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and directly through our skin. To make matters worse, many of us have substituted healthy meals with a poor diet that significantly lacks the nutritional value to fuel the body’s detoxifying capacity. All of these factors can contribute to an accumulation of toxins or toxicity.

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